Birthday invitation illustration

This was a simple card illustration, front and back. This is the back of the invitation that was left largely blank to allow for a personalized message. The total price of this job to my client was $350 for ten hours of work at $35/hr.


poster for the Wichita beard and mustache contest

If you are interested in hiring my illustration services, i charge $35.00/hr. I can provide an estimate for a potential job upon request. If you have any questions please email me at Thanks!


worst conversation ever

If anyone who has enjoyed this image and wondered who drew it, I did and the monk in green is named Hodor. Coming soon; the best conversation ever!


St. Patricks Day poster illustration

If you are interested in hiring illustation services, I charge $35/hr. If you have any questions please email me at


the last dragon

I loved this movie as a kid and wanted to do a tribute poster that featured my favorite character from the film, sho nuff. 

the Phantom Piper

The Phantom Piper

Another of the “Lily’s Adventures with Grandad.” This time they are up against the Phantom Piper. The title, like many in my LAwG series, is a nod to the classic Dr who series of the sixties, seventies and eighties of which i am a large fan.

dragon eggs

Dragon Breath

This is a piece I did just for the 2014 FantasyCon show. In case you can’t tell, the rats are carrying away dragon eggs.